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Characteristics and advantages of melamine density plate

Medium-density plates are divided into ordinary, load-bearing and furniture. The surface of the density plate is smooth and smooth, fine material, stable performance, strong edge, and the surface of the sheet is well decorative.

Its main advantages:

1, the melamine density plate is small, and the warpage is small.

2, the melamine density plate has a higher strength and impact strength.

3, the melamine density plate is easy to carry out the processing. Various coatings, paint can be evenly applied to the density plate, is the preferred substrate for paint effect.

4, the melamine density plate is another aesthetically decorative plate.

5, melamine density plates various woods, adhesive paper films, forming panels, light metal sheets and other materials can be on the surface of the density plate.

6, melamine hard density plates are improving, and drilling can also be made into sound absorbing plates, which are used in the decorative engineering of the building.

7, the physical properties of melamine plates are excellent, the material is uniform, and there is no dehydration problem. The performance of the medium-density plate is close to natural wood, but there is no defect in natural wood.